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For people who have tried everything and still find themselves in pain

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Are you tired of suffering from chronic pain?

Do you feel like you have tried everything your Dr. has suggested and still no relief?

Are you feeling frustrated and alone?

Rochel Rubinoff

"All I had to do was learn about Neuroplastic pain and my pain just disappeared." 

Letting Go of Chronic Pain is a 4-week course that will change your perspective of chronic pain and give you the tools to release yourself from the endless cycle of pain.


  • Have you seen doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors with little relief? 

  •  Have you tried pain meds and everything else your medical team has suggested? 

  • Are you still suffering?

Here's the Secret.....

Letting Go of Chronic Pain is all about rewiring your brain using proven scientific methods backed by research to find the relief you have been searching for finally.


When you hack into your brain and flip the pain switch off, you can release the chronic pain from your body once and for all. You will become empowered and have the tools to heal without visiting doctors and searching endlessly for relief. 

Why hasn’t your medical team informed you about neuroplastic pain? 

Research related to the body and brain is forever evolving; therefore, it is hard for doctors to keep up with new studies. In addition, our medical model doesn’t allow for practitioners to handhold patients through the process. And we all know that Big Pharma isn’t motivated to use low cost currarive methods. Symptom treatment is what lines pockets. 

What you will learn in the course:

  • The difference between acute pain from injury and neuroplastic pain that results in chronic pain cycles
  • How to find out if you truly suffer from neuroplastic pain. This would mean that you no longer have acute pain from injury, spinal degeneration, muscle strain or other physical factors.
  • How to create safety in the body to ultimately turn off the pain signals. This process is called Somatic Sensing, a method of observing and being with the pain objectively without attachment to the outcome to release pain ultimately
  • How to utilize breathing techniques for instant relief


What you will receive

  1. A 4-week self guided Online Course Weekly Video lessons in which you will be educated and guided through the process of letting go of chronic pain. 
  2. Simple Plan of Action which will allow you to seamlessly integrate the practises into your everyday life.
  3. Workbook Activities for support and to track progress  
  4. Guided meditation and breathwork  practices  for rewiring the brain.
  5. Bonus weekly  live sessions to insure you have the support you need to make this work. 


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With Letting Go of Chronic Pain, you will become empowered to find the release you have been desperately seeking. If you don’t quickly start to see a difference in how you feel, I don't deserve to keep your money. Just contact my team within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund 100% of your money back to you. 

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